Advanced Perimeter Security Systems


The Situation
In the wake of the 9/11 incidents in the USA, airports have received enormous amounts of attention with regards security and around the world, strict international standards have been imposed. The EU for example, has very recently approved the implementation of biometric passports.

The same focus however, has not been applied to airport perimeter security, many of which are still vulnerable to undetected perimeter intrusions. The security breach at Heathrow in March 2008 is an example of the vulnerability of a global strategic asset. Intruders scaled the perimeter fence and managed to come within yards of a passenger jet before being apprehended.

The Challenge
The challenge of securing an airport perimeter scales with the airport itself. Airports are huge in physical size (as long as 40 kilometers) and often border on water. Although perimeters are normally defined with traditional fences, the task of monitoring such a massive area is expensive and personnel intensive. Automatic sensor systems need to be installed that are flexible yet robust enough to handle the airport environment. Outdoor sensors must face up to extreme environmental conditions like temperature change, precipitation, birds and animals, seismic disturbances, broken terrain and air traffic. Physical installation space for sensors is often limited by FAA restrictions (Part 77) in runway proximity, placement, and height.

The Solution
El-Far’s integrated intrusion detection and protection solutions(link to products) include smart electronic fencing solutions and advanced sensors (Seismic, Ultrasonic and IR). The El Far range of sensors is capable of handling the intense conditions at airports and the monitoring software which employs patented algorithms, keeps false alarms to a minimum.

The solution also incorporates radars, cameras (day/night), biometrics, hydraulic barriers, and gates among others, to address the full spectrum of security challenges facing any airport facility.   

In 2003, El-Far’s system was authorized by the Israeli Defense Force’s Technological Unit, having undergone rigorous testing in radical environmental conditions and severe operational scenarios. El-Fars’ real world experience, impressive install base and their application of advanced technologies, make them a world leader in their field.